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10 Things No One Tells You About Owning A House

Most people dream of owning a home. There are many places in the world where the majority of people will never fulfill that dream but here in the Cariboo, we are lucky to have a variety of homes for all ages & price ranges so for many it is a dream they can accomplish. But did anyone ever tell you about what it is actually like to own a house? Here are a few "things" that many homeowners (including myself) may have encountered over the years. 


1. You'll discover the strangest things

From hidden storage areas to old tools hanging on the side of an old shed there always seems to be something to discover once you move into your new property. Over the years, I've discovered sheds that were never mentioned to trailers that the trees grew up around and even an old "outhouse" that had been buried over. 


2. The smallest imperfections can send you into a frenzy

Scratches on your hardwood floor? What? Marks on your walls? Who did it? Suddenly when it is your home, you notice EVERYTHING. 

3. Beige walls are a thing of the past

In most rental places, they stick with beige or very neutral paint colors to accommodate the masses. Once you're in your own home, color is your friend. 

4. You may have to live with that wallpaper for a while 

Usually after purchasing a home, most new homeowners don't have extra funds available immediately to tackle the "wallpaper issue". So until you have the time and money, you will have to live with the decorating decisions of previous owners even if they are pale green & rose colors from the 80s. 

5. Your hand-me-down furniture won't cut it

That couch you've been hauling around since college may have just found the end of its life expectancy. Especially if you have bought a bigger place than what you previously had, you may find that your eclectic collection of furniture that you have now just looks old and out of place. So when you're looking for a house, don't forget to factor in the cost of new furniture into your budget.


6. You can't actually do anything you want to your house

First there is the big one: cost. Second, depending where you live, there can be zoning restrictions and/or permits required before you can even think about doing a thing. But the most important is knowledge. Just because you don't like that the dining room isn't more open to the kitchen that you can just bang out the wall. You have to make sure it's not a weight bearing wall. If you have any "big" ideas with a home you are looking to buy, discuss it with the home inspector you hire prior to buying the home as to what you would like to eventually do and if it is even a possibility. 

7. Nothing is as easy as it looks on YouTube

Unless you are a natural at learning to fix things, sometimes it can cost you more in the long run to try it yourself. Best to weigh all your options and see where you need to hire a professional and where you can manage it yourself. Often if you have a busy work schedule, it is better for you to continue to work and make the money to pay someone else who can possibly do it in half the amount of time it would take for you to do it yourself. 

8. You don't need a gym

You have a lawn and possiblity a garden. After all of the mowing, planting, raking, and snow removal, you may not even have the energy to use one. But you will still see many benefits from enjoying the outdoors with these activities such as more physical strength and probably a healthy glow from all the fresh air. 

9. The absence of noise freaks you out a little

You won't hear people walking across your ceiling anymore. Nor will you hear voices in the hall or loud thuds on your living room wall. It will be quiet, almost earily quiet at times and for a little while, it could be a little unsettling. But on the upside...

10. You can jump up & down on the floor

You can make a ton of noise, within reason and you don't have to panic over your children running around the house in fear that they will upset the neighbors below. 



When you're a homeowner, you also become a handyman, a decorator, and a whole handful of other occupations you never thought you would ever take on. But you learn fast and it is all good, because the place you're taking care of, it's all yours so enjoy every moment. 

If you are ready to discover and write your own homeownership story, just give me a call and we can start searching for a title to match. 

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