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10 Tips For Settling In At Your New Home

So the exciting day has arrived: You take possession of your new home! As exciting as this moment is it can be overwhelming at times as it is a new space that you have to organize & get comfortable with. I went searching for some tips that can make the process enjoyable and manageable. Here are the top 10 tips: 

1. Final home inspection

I always recommend doing a home inspection prior to purchasing a home as this is probably the best money you will ever invest in your home. But when you take possession, you'll still want to do your own inspection to check and make sure every thing is in order from lights to making sure everything you agreed on in the sale contract is there such as washing machine, dishwasher, etc. If there is a problem, you need to address it immediately upon possession. 

2. Clean before you start 

Before you start digging into those boxes, give your new home a good cleaning. The previous owners should have cleaned it after leaving but it still wouldn't hurt to give everything a little wipe down so that it satisfies your level of cleanliness. 

3. Set up your sleeping quarters

The first thing you want to do when moving into a new home is set up the beds. At the end of a long day of unpacking, you will appreciate your bed waiting for you.

4. Start with the necessities

After the beds are together, start unpacking in the kitchen. The majority of the boxes are usually kitchenware and often there are specific areas designated for different items such as utensils, pots & pans, etc. so this may be the easiest place to start. Getting it all unpacked will go a long way in helping you feel like you're making headway.

5. Move in to the bathroom

You'll feel instantly at-home if you get yourself settled into the bathroom. Hang a shower curtain, fill the medicine cabinet, and hang your towels. It will start to feel like your place very quickly once you start personalizing areas. 

6. Get your clothes out 

Getting your clothing out of boxes and suitcases and into the closet or dresser will help you feel settled in too. It will also help you discover what you may need to add to the closet to fit your wardrobe. Encourage your children to unpack some of their own items to help them settle into their new rooms.

7. Open every box

Experts suggest that while unpacking, it is best to go through every box. Now, there are those who say that you can push the boxes full of stuff you don't want to unpack into a closet and forget about them for awhile but it's easier to go through every box, consolidating those that will go into storage as you pull out things you need.

8. Reorganize as you go

As you empty boxes, you may run across things that will go into a storage area or attic. Create a few dedicated boxes and organize as you go.

9. Wait to set up the TV 

You'll be much more likely to unpack and organize your home if you wait to hook up the TV. The catch is that sometimes this is the tool that helps get a family through the unpacking stage as children tend to get bored quickly. Best idea is to give each family member a task to complete such as unpacking their clothes or toys and once that is completed, they can be rewarded with a Wii game or two. 

10. Settling in your furry family

It is ideal if you can put the pets in the backyard during the move and especially if you have movers assisting you. It allows the pets to get accustomed to their new yard. Give them plenty of water and some chew treats to keep them busy. Once the movers have left, let the pets in the house and give them some time to smell around the home and acclimate themselves. After all, they will be living there as well (unless they are outdoor animals then you'll want to spend time with them in the great outdoors as they get comfortable with their new surroundings.) 

So I hope this helps you with your transition into your new home. If you are still working on Stage 1 and looking for a new property, give me a call and we can work on finding you what you are looking for using everything from property searches to our Weekly Update to touring different properties that match your wish list. There is still time to find your new place before the snow flies so let's start hunting.


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