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5 Biggest Turn-Offs for Home Buyers

Your home is ready for the market! Or is it?! Have you met with a Realtor that was honest with you and whom you can trust? This is essential when selling your home as you want your home to hit the market in the best way right off the bat.  

There are several factors that are key to getting buyers interested and not turned away. It can be as simple as no sticking drawers in the kitchen or no leaning fences.  Buyers can get instantly turned off very easily and you want to do everything you can to keep positive interest on your property. Here are the five biggest turn-offs to Buyers:


1. Overpricing Your Home

Overpricing your home is a sure fire way of turning off buyers before they even attempt to view your property. If you choose to list at a higher price than recommended, you're going to get some negative feedback from buyers. Some folks think they can start high and work their way down but this can backfire very quickly. You want the best price to be the first price that buyers see because if you wait to drop it in 30-45 days, those buyers probably will have moved on and the new buyers will question the reduction and amount of days the property has been on the market. Of course, the worst feedback due to overpricing is silence. That could include no showings and no offers. The problem with overpricing your home is that the buyers who are qualified to buy your home won't see it because they're shopping in a lower price range. The buyers who do it will quickly realize that there are other homes in the same price range that offer more value.

2. Smells

Smells can come from a number of sources such as pets, lack of cleanliness, stale air, water damage, and much more. You may not even notice it as often homeowners get used to it as they are daily living in the environment, but your real estate agent may have hinted to you that something needs to be done. There's not a buyer that will buy a home that smells unless they're investors looking for a bargain buy. Even so, they'll arrange to get an inspection to find out the source of the smells and if they can be rectified. If they find anything significant such as undisclosed water damage, or pet urine under the "new" carpet, then they will either severely discount their offer or walk away.

3. Clutter

If your tables are overflowing with photos, mail, or leftover drinking glasses, buyers' attention is going to more focused on the untidiness of your living room than on the big picture. Too much furniture can also cause the room to look out of proportion and make it really difficult for buyers to see the actual size of rooms and how it could accomodate them. If they can't see what they need to know, they move on to the next home.

4. Dated Décor

The reason people are looking at your home instead of buying brand new is because of cost and location. They want your neighborhood, but that doesn't mean they want a dated-looking home. Just like they want a home in good repair, they want a home that looks updated, even if it's from a different era. The Harvest gold and avocado green from the seventies or soft blues and mauves from the eighties are all colors that can date your home. Textures like popcorn ceilings, shag carpet, or certain wallpapers can also date your home. If you are not able to or choose not to make the updates in your home, your price should reflect that as buyers will move on to the next property that has the same listing price but has put the work into the home to update it. Paint can be the simpliest and cost efficient way to bring your home into the present. 


5. Deferred Maintenance

Deferred maintenance is a polite way of saying that you are letting your home fall apart. Just like people age due to the effects of the sun, wind and gravity, so do structures like your home. Things wear out, break and weather, and it's your job as a homeowner to keep your home repaired. Buyers really want a home that's been well-maintained. They don't want to wonder what needs to be fixed next or how much it will cost. And if this is the type of home they view, they will be looking for a price reduction due to all the work they will have to do in order to bring it up to speed.


So if you are ready to list and want to make sure you do everything in the best possible manner to ensure your home sells, give me a call and I will have the Best Team help you move forward in the right direction...a sold sign!

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