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Welcome winter and that Christmas feeling! Buying a home is also about the feeling you get when you step onto the property. But like the season or even the weather, there can be other factors that play into the real estate market and can effect your feelings about buying or selling.

As we come to the end of 2012, there will be many statistics from this past year out there that may affect your feelings about selling or buying as they discuss not only the markets but everything from employment to tourism. Although this can effect the real estate market, it does not necessarily dictate what will happen in all areas.

Doing your homework and getting a feeling about your area or the area you'd like to purchase in, can pay off in the long run. Not only will you have the knowledge to make better decisions, but it could help decide what will work for you so that you will be happy with your purchase.  Here is one site that gives an overall view of some of the statistics in our province. Take a moment to look at BC Stats to see where we've been and where we could be heading.

If you'd like to discuss where the Cariboo/Chilcotin may be heading for 2013, give me a call and we can look into the future together. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 


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There are many reasons why buyers look at buying during the holidays but there are just as many reasons for sellers to list. Here are 10 reasons why listing your home during the holidays could work for you:


1. People who look for a home during the holidays are more serious buyers! 


2. Serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the holidays and 
less competition means possibly more revenue for you. 

3. Since the supply of listings can dramatically increase in January, there 
will be less demand for your particular home. Less demand means less funds
for you.

4. Houses show better when decorated for the holidays,

5. Buyers are more emotional during the holidays, so they are more likely to 
pay your listing price.

6. Buyers have more time to look for a home during the holidays than they do 
during a working week.

7. Some people must buy before the end of the year for tax reasons.

8. You can still be on the market, but you have the option to restrict showings 

during the six or seven days during the holidays!

9. You can sell now for more money and we will provide for a delayed closing 
or extended occupancy until early next year.

10. By selling now, you may have an opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer 
during the spring, when many more houses are on the market for less money. 
This will allow you to sell high and buy low!


There are just a few reasons for you to jump into the market. If you think the holidays might be ideal for selling your home, give me a call and we can get you set for the season. This might just be a very Merry Christmas for you. 


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Been thinking about buying a home? Well, maybe you should put it on your Christmas list.  Whether you're shopping for must-have holiday toys or a new home, this season you're going to find a ton of price cuts.


Most people aren't looking to move during the holidays, but the average home that's on the market during this time will reduce its price somewhere between $2,000 to $10,000.  Homebuyer traffic is very low in the winter, so usually only the most serious sellers having their homes for sale during the holidays.  The asking price on some homes may have been reduced in price after they did not sell during the busier fall and late summer seasons. In fact, home prices are typically at their lowest of the year in December, although broader trends must still be taken into account.  People showing their homes at that time of year are often hopeful of getting a sale nailed down by year’s end, so they may be more amenable to negotiation. The fact that it’s the holiday season also tends to put people in a more generous mood as well.


Although the holidays tend to be an off-season for the real estate and mortgage industries, there are some good reasons to buy a home toward the end of the year. Although if you’re going to do it, you need to get cracking now. Buying in the off-season can have many benefits for buyers.  To entice buyers further, sellers will throw in extra "gifts" in the light of the holiday season, such as washer, dryers, refrigerators, even sometimes flat screen TV's at no extra cost. 


For one thing, the fact that the holiday season is a slow one for the housing market works in your favor. There are fewer people shopping for a home at that time, so you have less competition bidding for the good properties.  The competition among buyers is also low during this time, making the bidding process easier. Real Estate agents and mortgage lenders also have a lighter load, so they are more likely to focus on you more or process your deals quicker because they've got fewer deals to handle.  Lenders may also be more willing to shave a few points off mortgage offer in order to make a deal, both because business is slow and also because they may want to get the loan on their books before year’s end.


There can also be a few downsides to buying a home over the holidays. Real estate agents may be on vacation, since it’s already a slow time for them. There may be fewer open houses where you can visit homes for sale. Your own schedule may be crowded with your own holiday preparations and activities.  That being said, there are still some pretty good deals to be had by buying a home over the holidays. If the timing works for you, a new home can make a very nice Christmas present for you and your family.


It's clear that some serious deals can be had on real estate purchases at this time of the year, so if you're in the market for a home right now, you might want to skip the mall and go to an open house. If you are looking to catch an open house this weekend, check out 1505 11th Avenue North. This is a great home listed by one of my colleagues. If you think this might be your chance to find that special home you've been looking for, give me a call at 250-305-7034 and we'll start working on making your Christmas wish come true.  





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