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Home Inspections & What to Know

When you are buying a home, the home inspection is one of the more important parts of the process. If you don’t get a home inspection, you may pay for a house that has a leaky roof, poor wiring, termite and other pest damage, dangerous asbestos qualities in the air, a crumbling foundation, or more! After you’ve purchased the house, there is little you can do if you’ve waived your right to a home inspection. They’re absolutely necessary.

Even some people who get home inspections make huge mistakes in dealing with these findings. What do you do if your inspector finds a problem? What do you do if your inspector misses something huge? How you react is up to you but don’t make the following home inspection mistakes:

#1: Not Signing a Contract with your Home Inspector

When it comes to buying a home around the Cariboo/Chilcotin, you’ll more than likely need to work with an inspector who runs his own company. Always sign a contract. Home inspections usually cost up to $500, depending on the size of the home and the types of things the person is inspecting. Read the contract carefully so that you understand exactly what you are getting for your money. There are several companies available so do not hesitate to shop around and find who you feel comfortable with. 

#2: Hiring an Inspector Affiliated with a Contractor

Inspection is a tricky business. If your home inspector is affiliated with a contractor of any kind, there’s the chance that his review of the home might be dishonest. He may say that your foundation needs work, for example, but in reality, that might be just to direct your business toward the contractor.  Be very careful about who you hire and ask for recommendations and samples of their work before you put out any money.

#3: Not Understanding your Home Inspection

Make sure that the results you are given are easy to understand so that you can make a good choice about purchasing the house or not. If there is something that you don’t understand, ask the inspector to explain it to you. 


In addition, the home’s current residents should completely understand the home inspection as well. This is especially important if you decide not to buy or are asking for a credit to fix a problem that was uncovered. Provide them with a copy of the inspection report, as well as the phone number and other contact information of the inspector.

Again, the biggest mistake you can make in regards to home inspections is to not get one at all. Current homeowners aren’t necessarily out to trick you into buying a property with a ton of problems. However, they’ve probably lived in the home for years or even decades in many cases. They may simply not know that there are any problems. By getting a home inspection, you’re protecting yourself and potentially avoiding making what could be a bad investment. Home inspections should be a part of every real estate transaction.


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