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Moving Day has Arrived

It is so exciting when your realtor gives you that call to say "Congratulations they accepted your offer!" But as thrilling as that moment is, moving to a new home can be very exciting but also very stressful at the same time. If you make a plan and are organised you can make the transition much more easily and save time too.



Once you have agreed on a completion and moving date, this is a great time to begin disposing of all those items that have been collected over the years and are hiding in the attic, shed and garage. Go through your possessions and use the opportunity to discard or sell the items you never use. Clean cupboards and pack systematically as it makes it easier and quicker when you sort through it in your new home. 


Decide if you are going to undertake the move yourself with a van and friends or use professional removers. Obtain quotes and book the van or moving company. Make sure the moving firm has a good reputation and ascertain what level of insurance is available and who is going to be responsible for the packing, especially if you have any precious or valuable items.


Seal boxes as you pack, and then label them on the outside with marker pen. You can use a simple number system with each number corresponding to a number on a room plan which you can give to the movers on the day.


Make arrangements with the post office to have your mail redirected for a specified period of time.

Compile a list of all the people you will have to contact prior to your move such as hydro, telephone, cable and/or satellite, etc.  Other important businesses that you will have to make arrangements with are your house insurance providers,bank, and lawyer just to name a few. 


Find all the hidden keys to your home and outbuildings and give these to your estate agent just before you move. You won’t have time on moving day.

On the day

  • Pack some items in your car so you don’t have to wait for them or wonder where they are.
  • Keep aside tea, coffee, kettle, milk and treats so you can motivate the movers. If this is safe you can access it at the other end as soon as you get there. 
  • If you pack a box of cleaning materials, you can clean up each room as the movers empty it and you will be ready to also use it in the new house.
  • Also keep aside a few plates, knives and forks so you can enjoy your 1st meal in your new house.
  • Have your bedding with you too so you can at least make up the beds.
  • Pack towels, personal toiletries and a change of clothes.

When you arrive

  • Take meter readings when you leave and also read the meters at the new house.
  • When you first arrive, quickly check everything works, then open the windows to air the property because a great deal of dust will be generated when you start unpacking.
  • Ideally you would clean the house thoroughly before moving in if the previous owners did not already do this, but if this is not possible, do not unpack everything until you can clean to your satisfactory.


  • It is always recommended to change the locks as soon as possible because you don’t know if anyone still has access to the keys.
  • Organise new telephone and broadband services if you have not been able to do so in advance.
  • Enjoy your new home and all the many reasons you chose it.

So happy moving and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 250-305-7034. 

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