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Reno Rescue

Winter can be a great time to do some home renovations indoors. Especially if you are thinking of listing in spring, this can be the opportunity to spruce up a few areas that may need some attention.

Taking on a reno project can be overwhelming so here are the top 10 areas to watch so that your renos move forward in the right direction.


1. Have a plan.  Before diving into a project such as a kitchen remodel or a small reupholstery project, have a plan in place. That plan can include materials needed, a realistic timeframe, and even a day to day timeline that can help you stay on track and make sure the project doesn't get away on you.


2. Create a budget.  Before you start your reno, sit down & really think about how much everything will cost and how much you want & can afford to spend. If you are using a contractor, get an estimate up front (in writing is best). If you are tackling the project on your own, research how much materials will cost. Be sure to add on 10% to 20% to cover unforeseen costs that often do come up. If you find you may be pushing the budget too far, put the job on hold until you can afford everything you would like to do the job properly. 


3. What is your house telling you.  An ultra-modern design may look great in a magazine but isn't necessarily going to suit your home. Unless you are willing to re-renovate in 5 years time, best to steer clear of trends when it comes to major parts of your home. Unless you are looking to sell in the near future, you may find that styles of the day may not be your style in a few years. 


4. What to gut.  Before starting a large-scale reno, examine what must go & what can stay. While it may be tempting to gut it all, often this is where a budget & timeline can go out of control. If you can work with what you have, it may help you may stay ahead of the game. 


5. Hiring a contractor.  It is always important to do your research. If you are able to look at the contractor's previous work or get references this can assist in making the big decision of who to bring in.


6. It's permit time.  Be sure to confirm if any permits are required for your renovations. Different areas have different rules so it is best to again do your homework. Your home insurance coverage could be compromised if the proper steps are not followed and you may have difficulty selling in the future. 


7. Confidence in the unknown.  While it is great to learn new skills & expand your knowledge, it is sometimes best to start small. Be realistic to what you can tackle on your own & leave the larger jobs to professionals if you have any doubts. This can save you time & money (& sometime disappointment) in the long run.


 8. Put your safety first.  Make sure in whatever you tackle that your first priority is the safety of you and anyone else assisting. 


9. Skimping out on materials.  Finding sales is great but make sure that you are still getting a quality product that will last a long time. 


10. Prep work.  Prep work such as taping edges before painting or sanding and priming areas before refinishing can seem annoying but will increase the longevity of your work and possibly save you money & elbow grease in the future. Taking the time to do something properly the first time is always better than having to redo it multiple times because you took the easy way out. 



So I hope this helps you in moving forward with your reno. If you are wondering where to start or what would get you the best bang for you dollar when you sell, give me a call & I would be happy to come over & take a look at where you can get started before we take your home to the market. 

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