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Size Solutions - Make Your Bathroom Seem Larger than Life

Bathrooms! One of the #1 selling features, along with kitchens, that buyers look at when shopping for a new home.  But not every bathroom looks like it came out of a magazine. With limited space, sometimes a bathroom can almost seems to be an after thought as it appears to be quickly added in into a small space. But with a little ingenuity, you can make the bathroom appear larger than it really is. Here are 10 ideas to assist you in this challenge:

1. Keep things organized. Use baskets or glass jars for small items rather than having them out in the open.

2. Limited space for a full size vaniety? A pedastal sink looks elegant but offers no room for storage. Option: Use vertical space such as floating shelves, ladder-like towel racks and tall narrow cabinets should help to meet your storage needs.

3. Vanity options. Choose a vaniety that provides you with drawers and shelves which gives you flexible storage options for toiletries, cleaning products and linens.


4. Large Mirror. Strategically placing a large mirror to reflect the length of the room will give the illusion of a larger space.


5. Sleek sells. Skip the complex and ornate bathroom fixtures and go for sleek contemporary taps and hardware that won't overwhelm the room.


6. Install fixtures. Install fixtures that match the size of your bathroom such as compact toilets, showers and even tubs. Cramming oversized items into a small room will only make it seem smaller. 

7. Simple colors. The right color palette will do wonders for a small space. Light hues and neutral colors will typically make a room look larger. Using multiple shades of the same color will give it a unique and intriguing appeal.


8. Lighting. If your bathroom lacks natural light, ensure that you have well-distributed lighting that will open up the room and elimate dark corners and shadows which can make a room feel small.


9. Floor space. If you're looking for a bit more floor space, consider replacing your traditional door with a sliding pocket door that won't need to space to swing open.

10. Use every surface. Even the back of the toilet can be used as a makeshift vanity with the addition of a small tray but make sure not to overdo it which can cause the room to look overwhelmed with stuff.

It may take being a little creative but you do have options when dealing with small spaces. If you are looking to list your home and aren't sure how you can get the best look in order for it to stand out the market, give me a call & I would be happy to go over the options you have for your home and do a free market evaluation so we know which direction to take your property in order to get it sold. So enjoy your space and happy organizing! 



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