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Summer Shopping

Those summer days...great for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. For some buyers, they put their house hunting on hold for the summer and focus on other things and then start back up in the Fall. But why wait when summer shopping can be the ideal time to purchase a home.

Here are 5 key reasons as to how you can benefit from keeping up the search during the summer: 

1. Possession Date

The great part about buying a house in the summer is that you can usually get a late summer or early Fall possession date which is ideal for moving. Often buyers with younger families will arrange to take possession just after the children have settled back in school as it can make it easier to organize the new household. With families of older children, a possession date just before school break is over is ideal as then the children can take part in packing up their belongings and contribute to the big move. 


2. Properties At Their Peak:

Properties tend to show at their best in the summer so this is an ideal time to be viewing them. Trees and plants are usually looking their best and lawns should be in prime condition. But can rain get in the way? No, it can also be ideal to see a property after a rain to see how it is setup for drainage e.g. is there a lot of standing water that isn't disappearing, etc. If you are looking at buying a summer vacation spot, this is always the ideal time to see them as usually they are only listed during a limited time often due to accessibility to the property. 



3. Easy Time To View

Summer is a great time to go house hunting as you can easily bring the family as you aren't fussing with jackets, boots, ect so it makes it easy to enter properties without it turning into a frustrating situation. Slip off the sandals & head into the home!



4. Not As Many Buyers

Usually you don't see as many buyers in the market during the summer because of vacations, spending weekends at the lake, etc. so this can be ideal for you when it comes to purchasing. Usually there are less showings during the summer so this can make negotiating easier and not so panicked. So far this summer though, it has been the opposite with properties lasting only days on the market before offers are in place which is why it is always key to know what you have on your must-have list and what you can negotiate around. 


5. Easier To Remove Subjects

Often many buyers have subjects on their offers that include items such as well inspections, sewage inspections, etc. Summer is an ideal time to have these details looked into especially with a well as this is often the time of the year where consumption is high due to sprinklers, kid's pools, etc. so you can get a realistic ideal of what it is able to produce during a peak time of the year. 



The best way to summer house hunting is to get set up on a property search so that you are informed as soon as a property hits the market. You can do this directly on my website or give me a call or send me an email of what you are looking for and I can set you up directly through my system. So grab those sandals & let's go shopping! 

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