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Top 5 Things to Remove or De-clutter

Everyone has heard rumors of de-cluttering when it's time to sell your home. But, what does that really mean?  Before going hog wild and moving out, here's a few of the most important things to consider removing before you list your home for sale.

5. Personal photos. It can be appropriate to have family photos around to give the house that homey feel but if you have hallways filled with photos or photos on every end table it is probably necessary to remove some of them. Buyers really do get distracted by them and may focus on them instead of your home.  Not only do they take away from the home, but it makes it more difficult for the buyer to imagine themselves in the home as they are overwhelmed by the existance of the current owners.

4. Bills and personal papers. As you usually cannot remove these document from the home all together, please take the time to organize them, box them up and put them out of sight. If you have bills laying out on the counter or kitchen table it's a distraction to buyers that are there to look at the home. Removing this type of clutter, allows buyers to focus on the home itself and not on those types of details.

3. Too many shoes! If you have a pile of shoes at the door... ask yourself why. A pile of shoes gives a buyer two impressions. First, that there isn't enough storage in your home. Second, that there are too many people living in the home. So, in order to avoid wondering on the part of the buyer, find a way to organize or remove them.

2. Un-cluttered kitchen counter.  The cleaner you can leave the counter, the more buyers dream of being in there. If you've ever been in a cluttered kitchen, I'm sure you did not find it inviting or that it made you want to spend time there. Also, if you store things on the counter it gives the appearance that you do not have enough storage space.

1. Nothing but a few magnets. It is pleasing to the eye to walk into a home that has a clean fridge. The children's pictures are beautiful but buyer's can't imagine their own children's drawing on there if it is covered with yours. Even if the magnets are decorative, they are generally more of a distraction to the room than a help. Less is always more. Also limit junk drawers as there is nothing more unappealing than a potential buyer opening the cupboards and drawers and having things unorganized or falling out.  

There are many more ways to de-clutter a home for sale but these are some important things to consider that many sellers may not notice until they are pointed out. For more information on selling your home, give me a call at (250) 305-7034.

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