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Woohoo It's Time To Pack!

"Congratulations! You have just bought a home!" are probably the sweetest words a buyer can hear. A sigh of relief, a hug here or there and's time to pack. But packing isn't the only thing that you should have on your list. Here is a list of items that you don't want to forget:


1. Retain a Lawyer

Although packing is usually your first thought, the first thing you want to do when you get the ok that plans are moving forward is talk to your lawyer to ensure that they are able to take on your property transaction. Sometimes the catch occurs when both the buyer and seller want to use the same lawyer. Some lawyers will agree to take on both clients but sometimes it may be a conflict so it is usually the buyer that gets first choice for their lawyer. 


2. Touch Base With Mortgage Holder

In many cases, your mortgage provider is already working with your Realtor during the Subject process as they will have to confirm that you are able to release the finance subject in regards to purchasing the home. Once all the subjects are removed, your mortgage provider will give the go ahead to proceed with having the funds ready for the day of completion. You want to make sure all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed as originally agreed upon. 


3. Pack!

Of course packing it always #1 on everyone's mind. Everyone has a different method to packing so it is key to find out what works for you and your family. This is a great time to clean out the closets and discard anything that doesn't need to make the move. Often purchasing some storage totes for moving can be a great idea as they can be used in the new home for storage. 


4. Moving Trailer

Don't forget about my enclosed moving trailer that is available complimentarily to my buying and selling clients. Just give me a call to book in your moving time. 


5. Call Utilities

One thing that you have to love about the Internet is that it makes transferring utilities much easier these days. Many companies have an area on their websites that allows you to easily enter in your moving information. The areas not to forget are your hydro, gas, cable or satellite and telephone. 


6. Confirm Insurance Quote

You will have touched base with an insurance company during your Subject process and now is the time to confirm that you are moving ahead with the move. The best date to use for starting your insurance is your completion date. It can be a toss up if something where to happen to the property on that date if it is the buyer or seller's responsibility so it is best to cover yourself and not have to worry. 


7. Change of Address at Post Office

In this day and age where many bills are sent as e-bills or assessable on websites we wonder why we even get mail any more. But there are always those important bills that you don't want to miss that only come once or twice a year so it is ideal to do a change of address at your local post office just to make sure you are covered.  


8. Count Down The Days

This is probably the easiest of all. It is an exciting time and you should enjoy the process as it is a new change for you and your family. 


If you are ready for your change, just give me a call and we'll start working towards your future home. 


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