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Words Can Say It All

Words can be powerful if used correctly and in the real estate industry, they can bring homebuyers to a property. 


Last week we looked at the big picture of how pictures play a crucial role with your listing so this week we'll address how words play an important part in selling your home. After a photo or two catches your attention, usually your eyes will be drawn to the description of the property. Although Realtors are limited by the MLS with how many characters they can use in this area, it can make a huge impact in selling a home. This is the opportunity to grab a buyer's attention and give them a taste of what owning this property could be like. It is noted that 80% of homebuyers DO read the remarks regarding the property so it is very important that you capture what the property has to offer in 740 characters or less.  It is disappointing when you see 2 sentences describing a property when there is so much more to the property that could be addressed. So what do you want to see when describing your home? Here are a few items to watch for:


1) Highlight Features

If your home has features that many buyers are looking for, let them know. For example, many homebuyers love a large open kitchen. If you have it, flaunt it! You want to make sure your assets are exposed for all the buyers to see.

2) Errors

"Words have power and, although sticks and stones may break your bones, words can sell a home" an associate professor of real estate in Ontario once told the Wall Street Journal. But incorrect spelling or sentences that are difficult to follow can lead a home to sit on the market a little longer. 

3) "Must Move Quickly"

There are words that you should just stay clear of and those 3 scream "fire sale". Even the word "motivated" is one that should be saved when showing a home not during its initial launch into the market. You want the remarks about a home to be positive and inviting.

4) Be Specific

Buyers are interested in facts not opinions. If you have a gourmet kitchen, say it like it is. A "great kitchen" doesn't have the same appeal as a "gourmet kitchen". A marble countertop? I'm sure homebuyers will love to know that fact.

I hope that gives you a little insight to how listing remarks can impact the sale of your home. If you would like me to get working on selling your property, just give me a call and we can find the right words to get you moving in the best direction. 

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